Icons, Rock Stars, & Innovators: Lisa Llewellyn

What makes an Icon?

Your authentic and influential leadership style that has contributed to your trailblazing career success. You have broken barriers, overcome adversity, and as a result, are a role model to many.

Passion for the work and for the communities themselves, Lisa Llewellyn is a force of nature in the multicultural pharma space.

Her classical training as a copywriter has fueled her journey from the heyday of hip hop selling Gatorade to the launch of life-changing medications from Pfizer, Amgen, Merck and others – all maintaining an emotional authenticity that connects to a broad swath of communities, including Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ. Her latest position at Evoke as VP, Creative and Multicultural Content Strategy affords her the opportunity to work with an extraordinary team of experts, leveraging the critical insights needed to educate and inspire patients in the greatest need. Without question, she attributes her numerous awards to the good fortune of working with great people.

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